A patient from Carmel

Wendy who made my appointment was wonderful. Kylie who did my exam was also very helpful and positive and made me feel comfortable.

A Patient from Millwood

I just wanted to write to say thank you SO much for your amazing staff and team that helped me through a very difficult time. I had such a bad experience at [the medical group where I was a patient] and they left me hanging, needing a biopsy and couldn't/wouldn’t fit me in for two weeks.

Not only did you guys fit me in the very next day, but also the staff was incredible.

The front desk person who scheduled me was so kind, and then both the nurses during my tests were great. One was especially kind to me, and rubbed my back during my MRI to calm me down while I was crying and couldn't move-- I'll never forget that.

The woman who did my mammogram after the MRI was so sweet and sat me down in a private room and helped me organize all of my discs for the different doctors I had to send them to because I was too overwhelmed to think straight.

Dr Doi was incredible -- very caring and helpful and found more spots that needed to be biopsied. I'm now 10 weeks post surgery and getting ready for another surgery and had a moment of calm that I wanted to thank you and your team for helping to save my life, catch things early enough that I can be around for my two kids, and for treating me like a human being and not like a mill at the other place. I told all of my friends and family that they should get any and all radiology needs at Northeast because of the time and special care you give your patients.

OH! And I can't forget the Breast Care Coordinator who was there for me on the phone from the start and couldn't have gotten through it without her -- she is the best.

This has been a very stressful time in my life but I am glad there is such a fine facility nearby and you guys took my insurance thank goodness.

Thank you so much!

A patient from South Salem, NY

Very nice, quick, and efficient. Everyone was helpful and pleasant.

A patient in Mount Kisco, NY

I have used Northeast Radiology in Mount Kisco for many years to have routine mammograms and other imaging tests. Since November, I have been to Northeast Radilogy several times for more involved testing and procedures. I am writing to let you know that Dr Doi and your staff of technologists and nurses have been wonderful throughout this process. Each time they treatemd me with tremendous caring and kindness and made a potentially stressful and anxiety-provoking experience less so. Please extend my thanks and gratitude to them.

A patient from Sherman, CT

I was here for an ultrasound today. My tech was professional, kind, and made an uncomfortable test as comfortable as possible.

A patient from Mahopac, NY

Excellent, friendly staff. They make you feel relaxed during a stressful event.

A patient from Holmes, NY

Excellent service as always from the time I made my appointments to the time I left.

A patient from Brookfield, CT

Every one of the staff is wonderful. The techs are so kind. I’m in so much pain and they did the best they could to make my tests as bearable as possible.

A patient from Sherman, CT

Everyone was so friendly and there was no wait between my appointments. I even got to wait and hear my results. Nice experience!

A Patient From Fresh Meadows, NY

I would really like to compliment and thank the staff of Northeast. I found you online because I was looking for an extremity MRI. Over the past few weeks, I have had to have my knee, hips, lumbar, and cervical spine scanned in your Mount Kisco and Brewster locations. Even though I have claustrophobia and medical scan machine fears, everyone was so kind, understanding, and comforting. I was told how long each scan would be and when I was almost finished. For an experience that I was so afraid of, it was as positive as it could possibly be. Getting the CDs immediately was helpful and the doctors received the reports quickly. Thank you so very much.

A patient from Somers, NY

I am quickly writing this note, as my life is so hectic and over-scheduled. However, it was important to take the time to tell you and your staff how amazing you all are.

I appreciate your professionalism and compassion. These days, both are often lacking. I have high standards and I am not easy to please. People do not take care of their customers or patients as they should, but in your office it is like stepping back in time (but with the best technology).

Well, I had better go and rush around, but it is my hope that this big thank you gets passed around so that everyone in the office knows that they are appreciated!!

A patient from Sherman, CT

I am writing this letter to share my experiences with you over the past year and recognize the staff at Northeast Radiology. One year ago, I came to your Brewster facility for an MRI. I was nervous knowing how much I hated tight spaces, however, it was a necessary test that I needed. It was last March that I met Sarah and Jodi in your MRI department. They were both amazing. I told Sarah I was nervous and feeling panicked. She told me I would be fine and that many people feel this way. Jodi explained that Sarah would slowly put me in to the machine and if at any time I wasn't comfortable to let them know and they would retract the table right away. Needless to say, I panicked and I told them I was sorry but I couldn't do it. Sarah was so compassionate as she saw the panic in me that she offered to stay in the room for the scan. Feeling badly, that she would have to do this, I thanked her and she did stay with me. I have to say if it wasn't for her I would have never had the MRI that day. Throughout the year, I was sent to Northeast Radiology for other tests and the technicians were always friendly and professional. Unfortunately, one year after my MRI, I was told I would need another one. The thoughts of panic went through my mind but I thought you did it once you can do it again! I returned to Northeast, Brewster for my 2nd recommended MRI scan and I immediately felt that same nervous panicked feeling. Laurie and Liz greeted me and I told them about my experience 1 year ago and they too were sincere and compassionate. Again, I felt that awful feeling and I told them I was upset with myself that I couldn't do the test due to the fact that I felt terrified. Laurie said something like, "I will stay with you if it makes you feel more comfortable. Let's just try it. Are you okay with trying it?" So once again, I got through the MRI and the ONLY reason I was able to find out more about my health was because of these 4 women who were amazing. They went the extra step(s). Compassion is something that isn't common and each of these women is so kind and caring. I wish I wrote this letter a year ago to recognize Sarah and Jodi but I knew this time I needed to recognize all of these women because they made all the difference in the world to me. Because of my experience at Northeast Radiology if the subject ever comes up, I tell people that they should use Northeast Radiology. My primary care doctor sent me for an x-ray the week following my 2nd MRI. She told me to go to [redacted] and I told her I would be going to Northeast in Brookfield. She said "I always forget about Northeast" and I said, "you shouldn't they are great!" Growing up in a family business my father would say, "It's hard to find good people." You have GREAT people and I wanted you to know. Please recognize these women and thank each one of them for me again.