Procedures performed by our radiologists take advantage of our sophisticated imaging technologies to allow them to guide, in real time, a needle to a very precise location within the body. Northeast Radiology performs many procedures in our safe, convenient private-imaging centers.

About Procedures

Image-guided radiology procedures are safe and minimally invasive. They are often performed for pain management purposes.

Quality Standards

There is no single accreditation of imaging guided procedures because the guidance is provided by multiple types of radiology equipment: CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Stereotactic (mammography guided). Northeast Radiology has ACR® accreditations in all of these modalities. Please check within the above linked sections for the standards used by ACR® before granting accreditation.

Exam Specific Details

Very detailed specific image guided procedure information is available to you. Northeast Radiology is a member of both the American College of Radiology (ACR®) and the Radiology Society of North American (RSNA®). These two premier organizations have jointly developed as the radiology information resource for patients.

For a more detailed description of eight (8) of the most common image guided procedures please click on the links below:

Biopsies: a procedure where a tissue sample is removed under medical imaging guidance, so the tissue can be examined by a pathologist for disease.

Arthrography: a type of medical imaging that uses a contrast injection, CT Scan , or MRI, to examine conditions of the joints. For more information, click on Arthrography above.

Pain Management Procedures

Epidural Block: a procedure which delivers medications to the area of pain in the spine under image guidance. This is commonly performed for patients with arthritis, disc herniation, or spinal stenosis to relieve pain and inflammation. For more information, click on Epidural Block above.

Nerve Block: a procedure which delivers medications under image guidance, commonly performed on the spine, hip, knee, or shoulder, to reduce pain and inflammation. For more information, click on Nerve Block above.

Facet Block: a procedure which delivers an anesthetic and/or steroids to the facet joints to block pain or to investigate the source of pain. For more information, click on Facet Block above.

Women’s Interventional Imaging

Hysterosonography: a procedure performed using ultrasound to examine the endometrial canal. For more information click, on Hysterosonography above.

Fair Price Comparison

Northeast Radiology’s procedure prices with insurance discounts, and available discounts for self-paying patients, are a phone call away.