Medical Diagnostic Excellence

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Physician Excellence

  • All our radiologists are sub-specialty trained physicians. They all are board certified and fellowship trained.

  • All our radiologists are local and on-site, and available to consult with your doctors, most of whom they know.

  • Our radiologists call your doctor with all significant findings.

  • Our radiologists honor Results Now™ requests and consult with patients when necessary.

Highly Trained and Skilled Medical Staff

  • Our medical technologists are specialty trained beyond basic certification.

  • Our Registered Nurses also serve as Breast Care Coordinators and are trained, knowledgeable and prepared to understand and guide a patient with competence and compassion in a time of crisis.

Advanced Equipment

  • Northeast Radiology offers the full range of medical imaging modalities. (See Exam Information)

  • Our imaging centers are American College of Radiology (ACR®) and FDA accredited.

  • All Northeast Radiology equipment is regularly inspected by an independent medical physicist to ensure safety and accuracy.

  • Our equipment has been all-digital since 2008.

Patient Focused

  • Results Now™ eliminates anxiety from waiting for results.

  • The physicians and staff of Northeast Radiology have taken pledges to Radiology Cares® to optimize the patient’s experience in radiology.

  • Our Patient Portal connects you with your imaging records.

  • Complimentary CDs of your exams are available.

  • We work for you – not a large medical system.


  • We make every effort to minimize radiation exposure while still getting the best images for you and your referring physician.
  • Image Gently™: Medical imaging procedures can be lifesaving for children who are sick or injured, but children are more sensitive than adults to the radiation some procedures deliver. Northeast Radiology is a member of the Image Gently™ to raise awareness about methods to reduce radiation dose during pediatric medical imaging exams.
  • MRI and Ultrasound, two of our most common imaging studies, use no ionizing radiation.
  • Parking is close, easy, and well-lit.
  • RADPEER for quality assurance. Quality assurance is necessary to ensure medical diagnostic excellence. The American College of Radiology (ACR™) established a task force on patient safety in 2000. That committee developed the RADPEER™ program, a radiology peer-review process, and conducted a pilot of the program at 14 sites in 2001 and 2002. After the pilot study, the program was offered to ACR™ members and Northeast Radiology immediately chose to participate.

Accreditations and Quality Pledges

Northeast Radiology has achieved the following accreditations and additional quality pledges: