Local radiology groups combine


DANBURY — Physicians with Brewster, N.Y.-based Northeast Radiology are hoping to provide some of the latest equipment to their clients through a merger with Housatonic Valley Radiological Associates.

Executives with the practices, which both have Danbury locations, said changes in the health care system and a shared culture of patient care prompted the merger. As part of the effort, the organization will be investing millions of dollars in new equipment for their facilities both here and in New Milford.

“We will be making major investments to upgrade MRI, CT scan, 3D mammography, and ultrasound in the imaging centers,” Dr. Howard Lee, the president of Northeast Radiology, said in a recent statement. “We also will be upgrading the IT infrastructure and facilities to improve the patient experience and to enhance ease of access and service for our patients and referring physicians.”

Lee noted that the new operation will use the Northeast Radiology branding and that patients will have access to all of the group’s facilities, which also includes bone mineral densitometry, x-rays and image guided biopsies.

Dr. Conrad Ehrlich, president of Housatonic Radiology, said that following the merger and the investment in new technology, the group will have one of the most advanced imaging centers in the Danbury region. Ehrlich will be joining Northeast Radiology, which is located on Sandpit Road, as part of the deal. Further details were not disclosed.

“Frankly, this is something that we should have done a long time ago,” Ehrlich said. “This will allow us to more effectively compete in a rapidly changing health care environment, and better serve the community. Following the merger, Northeast Radiology will feature the most advanced independent imaging centers in the region.”

The newly combined group is also offering increased hours of operations for clients including early morning, evening and weekend appointments.

Dr. Mark Gliklich, the founding member of Northeast Radiology, said outpatient services are often less expensive than the same testing performed at hospital locations. The group, he said, is a member of both Radiology Cares and Results Now, which provides preliminary results to patients before they leave the office.

“We have modeled our entire practice on medical excellence, compassionate care and fair prices,” he said in the statement.