Open Mri
Northeast Radiology welcomes you to our comfortable and private full-service imaging centers. We pride ourselves in our compassionate care. We will treat you as an individual, and take the time to understand your needs.

Northeast Radiology’s centers are patient-focused. As a physician-owned and operated independent private practice, we work only for our patients and our referring physicians. The patient-focused care we provide you will be noticeably different than the care you’ve received from other offices.

Your care begins when you call us. You will reach a human-being, not a phone tree. Our scheduling experts will help you to find an appointment at a convenient location and time. You may talk to our insurance and pre-certification experts who can discuss your insurance plan, costs and any authorizations that may be needed before your test. When you come for your appointment, you will be welcomed into our office by our caring front desk staff. Our specialty-trained technologists will take the time to understand your questions and concerns, and get the best imaging studies possible.

Our compassion extends beyond our caring and friendly staff and advanced equipment. We know that when you have a test, you want to know the results. Northeast Radiology now offers a Patient Portal where you can log-in and view your test results.

We find that waiting even a day for these results can cause anxiety for mammography patients. That is why we offer Results Now™ . With Northeast Radiology’s Results Now™ program, a specialist interprets your mammogram within minutes. You can leave our office with the results. If everything is normal, which typically it is, you will walk out with peace of mind. If there are any further tests that are needed, our staff will walk you through the next steps. Northeast Radiology’s team will help you make informed choices, provide comprehensive support, schedule appointments and consultations rapidly, and coordinate all your providers and procedures.

For our mammography patients there are times when additional testing will be needed. Some patients may need a breast biopsy. We also make available to you specialty-trained Breast Care Coordinators, nurses who will answer your questions, gather information, and share resources with you.

MRI patients have three different types of MRI available to them at Northeast Radiology. Most people are familiar with traditional, high-field MRI. We also have open MRI, which is useful for the claustrophobic or larger patient. And we have high-field extremity open MRI available. In the high-field extremity open MRI you can recline and relax in a comfortable chair while your knee, ankle, foot, elbow, wrist, or hand is imaged.

Northeast Radiology’s commitment to our patients includes specialty trained technologists, a focus on making procedures easier and comfortable, and providing your results quickly. We also have compassion when it comes to pricing. Prices for a medical imaging study may vary widely depending on where you go for that examination. Our costs are transparent, and only a phone-call away. We assure you of fairly priced imaging examinations, and there is never an extra charge for the radiologist’s professional fee.

The physicians and staff of Northeast Radiology have taken pledges to Radiology Cares® to optimize the patient’s experience in radiology.

When medical diagnostic excellence is the same or better, it is only reasonable and responsible for you to consider the price of an imaging examination. More patients face high insurance deductibles, and some have no insurance. Savings from fairly priced but excellent quality imaging examinations go directly into your pocket. Tell your doctors you want to come to Northeast Radiology.